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Self Cleaning Toilet Review

Self Cleaning Toilet Review

Self Cleaning Toilet Review

We installed a new self cleaning toilet by American Standard in November 2016.
We decided to write our review about the installation, quality and any possible concerns for this toilet.

American Standard has been around pretty much since the beginning of in-door plumbing in the United States. For this reason alone, we fully expected the self cleaning toilet would meet a certain level of a quality. Keep in mind that almost every toilet manufacture uses some type of plastic parts these days, so we’re not judging the quality for the use of heavy brass fill valves and flush valves like in the days of the past. It is more about the specifics during installation, how they’re designed, appear to be reliable and ease of use!


The first thing we noticed is the china bowl feels a bit heavier then many others and the foot pattern was a nice size. This may help hide some floor stains from an older toilet being removed. It has a good glaze coating, so it should remain easy to clean for years if the cleaning isn’t neglected. The toilet tank felt pretty solid too, installing it was simple and ended up being rigid to the bowl once tightened. The tank lid felt a bit cheap at first, but once inspecting it a little further we found it’s really not that bad. (The tank cover is made from molded plastic and the lid that opens to replace the cleaning solution made it seem a kind-of flimsy). If purchasing as a box kit, it comes with a decent soft close toilet seat – which is a nice added touch.

Design & Ease of Use

The handle assembly has a dual function, it’s used for the normal flush and incorporates the cleaning cycle. Fill valve is plastic “almost every toilet is now” and fills OK, (time will reveal if the pressure slows like some do). Note: If the fill valve did loose pressure in the future, it’s normally an easy fix – just need the part(s). The cleaning cycle runs off of 4 batteries that are hidden out of sight in a compartment in the tank cover. Judging by our initial test, the cleaning cycle worked pretty well and has a quick clean option and power clean option. Cleaning solution is injected once the button is pushed and it goes through a 1 minute or 10 minute cycle. When using the flush handle it seems to have a pretty powerful flush and shouldn’t get blocked very easy.


Overall we only found a couple things that could be a possible concern. Originally we we’re concerned about the flushing power from seeing the water swirl while cleaning, but it’s not an issue. When something breaks or wares out it doesn’t appear to accept universal parts, so hardware stores wouldn’t be an option. If the toilet or drain line was plugged during a cleaning cycle or if it malfunctioned – it could be disastrous. If this really worried you, there is a solution to avoid any possibility of continuous overflowing during a malfunction. You could try an emergency stop supply line, but we not sure it would work due to the water volume needed for the cleaning cycle. An emergency stop valve controlled by a water detecting sensor placed on the floor by the toilet would work, but they’re not cheap.

Our Final Thoughts

The American Standards self cleaning toilet over-all appears to be a decent fixture with a nice design concept. The china and glazing seem to be pretty good. It should certainly appeal to those that clean their toilet quite often, but simply hates the scrubbing process. Only time will tell to see if the glazing with cleaning solution allows it to stay stain resistant for years. Hopefully you finally throw away that old nasty scrub brush!


If installing it yourself, make sure to read the instructions if your having any issues – it’s probable a simple adjustment. (The one we put in wouldn’t stop flushing, the worm drive screw for the cleaning cycle flapper needed adjusting). When flushing solids, holding the handle a few extra seconds will make it flush even better.

The Cost

American Standard’s self cleaning toilet is currently available in white and has a $695 list price tag.
We expect the currant cost and lack of color choices may be a deal breaker for many consumers.

Carrier Plumbing Can Install Your’s

We will supply and install 1 self cleaning toilet package at your home or business (including service call) for $625.
If installing more then one at the same time, each additional self cleaning toilet installed would be $585


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