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Nuvo Home System Results?

Nuvo Home System Results?

Our experience with NuvoH2O!

Being an installer for NuvoH2O systems, many times we are asked if it really works. The quick answer is, it depends on the water quality whether it will help your system. In most cases it only requires a simple DIY test kit to find out if Nuvo would be a good fit for your home. There may be time when Nuvo would help your water quality, but could require additional treatments systems to combat other issues. We could go into detail explaining all about the NuvoH2O system, but it’s easier to just supply you with their link. http://nuvowater.com/index.php

The whole reason for our writing this post, is to share the results of a job we did using the NuvoH2O home system.
Before jumping right into it, we want to point out; you don’t have to have well water for a Nuvo system to be a benefit – it’s all about water quality!
The post your about to  read is a home supplied with city water (there are many cities that supply from a municipal well).
Secondly, we are not writing this to panic anyone or cause unneeded concern – just writing about our experience.
If your are concerned about your water, a simple DIY test kit will answer if your water has high levels or not.

We have been to this particular home and a few other homes in Plainfield Township to clean or replace blocked valves and faucets. The blockages are made up of white calcium like mineral and can be very hard to clean out. The home we are writing about had blocked shower valve ports and pressure was almost no existent. It was nearly impossible to clean out, due to small holes, 90 degree angles and stone hard mineral. We did a water test and the PH level was at 8.1 (which is high, 7 is neutral and target point). We had dealt with Nuvo in the past, so I recommended trying this before tearing out walls to replace valves. The nuvoH2O is suppose to reverse this type of mineral build-up and would also make the water healthier. The home owner really didn’t want to start opening walls, so he decided to give NuvoH2O a try.

Immediately after installing the Nuvo system, it brought the PH level down to 7.3. We couldn’t get it to 7, but from 8.1 to 7.3 is a world of difference. The customer waited a few months dealing with extremely low volume from his shower and finally asked us to replace it. So we cut open a wall to replace one of the shower faucet (thinking the blockage had gone too far). He did have better water quality and we didn’t end up having to replace other valves or faucets, it didn’t seem to reverse the extreme blockage.

I had pictures of a good part of the blockage and now I was very curious what Nuvo did or didn’t do. When I got to my shop, I tore apart the shower valve to expose the port holes. I was pretty amazed that most of the ports had considerably less buildup and it was much softer. I took my findings and new pictures back to the customer and showed him what we found. “I think he was actually relieved, because he was worried the rest of the system would have future blockages”. Although I can’t prove it now, I believe another 3 or 4 months would have allowed the mineral to soften enough to have cleared even the extreme blockage.

In closing this post, I must say; I believe NuvoH2o does reverse the white buildup as they claim.
It definitely made the water for this job much healthier to drink by bringing the PH level down.

If your interested in a NuvoH2O system and purchase it through us, we offer discounted professional installation.


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