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The concept of a basement waterproofing system is simply to divert water away from the structure through the use of a draintile pipe (also referred to as weeping tile), a filtering system using pea-gravel or pea-stone and waterproofing tar on walls above the piping system. A waterproofing system in a newer home is basically installed the same as it was a century ago, but with the advancement in products that are available in today’s market it can produce a longer lasting system.

Many of the older homes have systems that are failing due to cracks in walls, deteriorating tar and drain tile piping being filled with dirt, causing water to come from the walls and floor. Not only is this bad for the actual structure, but with the mold problems these days – it can be a health risk too. Unfortunately this is not a cheap fix but, there are options to have your basement comfortable and livable again. If your basement waterproofing system is in need of some attention, be careful choosing a company and make sure you understand the entire process of the work they plan to do. We see more waterproofing work that needs to be re-done than any other job in our industry and even a poorly installed systems can work for many years before showing the problem again.

Our opinion is to beware of a salesman showing up (instead of a technician) to evaluate & estimate or if they are trying to push there own (so called) patented system. We do not agree with the use of trench moldings around the basement, we feel it that takes away from the structural support too much by creating what we call – a floating floor, also watch for the use of improper connections with drain tile pipe or sump discharge line being connected to the sanitary drainage system and the use of water diversion pipes that some companies claim it will take most of the water from the surface so it doesn’t get to the drain tile system and then run the diversion pipe to a pit in the yard. (The diversion system going to a pit or dry well can help in the right situation and ground conditions, but many of the homes in the Grand Rapids area have clay and a pit or dry well can saturate and stop working after it has been raining a while and this is when it would be needed most).

Carrier Plumbing a licensed plumbing company and that has a vast experience in handling these types of issues, we do our best to help educate our customers about the problem and how it should be fixed,so they will know what we are doing throughout the job, understand each step and the reasons for it. As to the cost of using Carrier Plumbing for waterproofing, we normally come in equal to and in many cases lower than many waterproofing companies.

Disclaimer: We are not condemning any certain company or system, our advise is simply to educate yourself before choosing, every job has to be evaluated as to the necessary repair options available.

Hopefully this page will help educate you a little more (you can always call us any time if you have questions).

Click Here to see a PDF of a typical system for an older home.

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