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Sump Pumps & Sewage Ejector Pumps

Carrier Plumbing carries a complete line of controls, basins and accessories as well as many package systems. Our pumps are perfect for all sump, water, and sewage removal applications — residential or commercial — and are available in a variety of models, both 50 and 60 cycle, with discharge and volume capacities to meet your specific needs.

Battery Back-Up Pumps – Battery back-up pump systems take over where other systems quit. These pumps are used for clear water, emergency backup usage when power is off or primary pump fails.

Water Powered Back-Up Pumps

Install an automatic sump pump that works with municipal household water pressure is typically more expensive then battery powered pumps but are more reliable and can handle long term power losses since there is no power drainage, as long as there is water pressure it will work.

We only recommend using the best when it comes to a water powered backup pump due to the possibility of creating a worse problem, if a pump malfunctions it can dump more water into the basement from the municipal water.

We also recommend installing some type of water alarm just below the level of activation point so you know when it turns on, if the pump runs continuously it is similar to opening a bunch of your faucets and just leaving them on all the time, you can only imagine what your next water bill would be.

We repaired one that the owner had just purchased the home months before and didn’t know the water pump was the only thing keeping the basement dry, unfortunately they learned the hard way after getting a $1200 water bill.

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